2011 VMAK Conference Presentations

1. Herbicide Applications & Fish Kill Complaints
by Dr. Fred Whitford, Purdue University

2. Proper Procedures & Applicator Safety for Herbicide Cut Stump Applications
by Dave Krause, ArborChem

3. Aerial Herbicide Applications for Side Trimming on Utility Rights-of-Way
by Dave Krause, ArborChem

4. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Update
by Carlton Layne, Aquatic Restoration Systems

5. Environmental Impact of Herbicide Alternatives
by Jimmie Cobb, DowAgro Sciences

6. New Spray Drift Regulations
by Carlton Layne, Aquatic Restoration Systems

7. Herbicide Control of Woody Invasive Plant Species - Mammoth Cave International Biosphere
by Ruth Pike and Brandon Christy, NRCS

8. Herbicide Research Updates - KYTC Rights-of-Way
by Dr. Joseph Omielan, PhD, University of Kentucky